Leslie Baltes at CMF during New York 1 interview

New York 1 Interview with Leslie Baltes of CMF

We will look back 30 years from now and say “we helped build this…”

This New York 1 interview CMF interview with current president Leslie Baltes highlights the company’s birth roots and it’s evolution, to today’s role as a bustling commercial suppler on commercial projects.  As a woman-owned business, CMF is especially challenged and honored to be a key partner with many of today’s top commercial building, engineering outfits. With strong leadership and an experienced team of dedicated individuals at CMF, her company is posed to provide unsurpassed service for their customers. 

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Inside the store at CMF, Inc. in Long Island City, New York

CMF, Supplier to New York Contractors

Contractors rely on us every day for the tools and supplies they need

A typical day in the warehouse at CMF’s Long Island City location.

 Every day at CMF, our warehouse staff is accepting deliveries from many of our manufacturers, and keeping our 40,000 square feet stocked with our clients’ favorite products.

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