Hoist Repair & Recertification

Hoist Repair and Recertification - CMF

A Harrington hoist from CMF facility in Long Island City, New York on-site. Our team is experienced in providing just the right equipment to meet your requirement.

Hoist Repair and Recertification – At CMF, we Repair and Recertify Hoists, in addition to Selling and Renting Hoists and associated products and accessories. (See our Rigging, Hoisting, and Material Handling Category Sections). As a widely known comprehensive and reliable Distributor of Hoisting Equipment and Accessories, we are very proud to also be a one-stop-shop where you can have your own equipment repaired and recertified by our experts.

Pickups and Deliveries for Repairs can be arranged for our regular customers, and if you are located near or on one of our routes. In addition to repairing and recertifying, we are happy to advise on all the different types of hoisting equipment available – whether manual or powered, whether lifting personnel or materials, or both.

We are versed in all aspects of hoisting requirements such as: Lift Capacity, Line Material, Power Source, Suspension Type, Lift Height, Lift Speed, Headroom. We can also work with you on related product categories, such as winches, pulleys, beam trolleys and more.

CMF is your one-stop-shop solution. We can help you with your hoist repair and certifications. CMF makes it easy!

Our repair and recertification facility is located in the heart of Long Island City, NY. Serving the Tri-State Region.

Hoist Repair & Recertification
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